New Product Releases

XDUOO Link2 Bal Portable Amplifier Now Launched

XDUOO released their new generation of portable dac/amp - The xDuoo Link 2 Bal, it is built as true balanced architecture that could provide powerful loads while maintaining high performance crosst...

19 Jan, 2022
New Product Releases

TOPPING MX5 Merus Class D Amplifer Now Available

TOPPING has announced their latest one for all multifunctional DAC/AMP, the TOPPING MX5, with the price tag at 299$. It can work as a standalone DAC, preamp or a headphone amplifier through Optical...

20 Dec, 2021
New Product Releases

Kinera IDUN Golden 2BA+1DD IEM Available Now

Kinera has unveiled an update to their hybrid in-ear monitors, meet the all-new Kinera IDUN Golden 2BA+1DD IEM or you could also call it Kinera IDUN 2.0. It is available in our store now, priced at...

17 Dec, 2021
New Product Releases

Gustard X18 MQA Balanced DAC Now Available

Gustard updated its brand-new high performance DAC-X18 with  ESS9038PRO digital-to-analog conversion chip which supports MQA full decoding not only for USB input, the AES, Coaxial and Optical input...

06 Dec, 2021